Explosion outside Odesa SBU office damages 31 houses - mayor

Explosion outside Odesa SBU office damages 31 houses - mayor

28.09 12:18
KYIV, September 28 / Ukrinform./ Odesa city mayor Hennady Trukhanov has released data on the consequences of the explosion outside the Odesa regional department of the SBU building, which occurred last Sunday morning, on Monday. The blast damaged more than thirty houses located in the historic downtown.

28.09 10:27
Odesa police look for subversive bombers
23.09 13:13
Vinnytsia city bank employee caught selling counterfeit euro banknotes
22.09 14:28
"Right Sector" representatives in Sumy doubt their dead friend could take grenade
21.09 10:55
Ukrainian traffickers' small plane with migrants crashed in Slovakia
21.09 10:06
Right Sector soldier dies in grenade explosion in Sumy
17.09 13:25
SBU holds counter intelligence Colonel over graft
16.09 15:37
FFU official found dead
15.09 17:43
Charred serviceman's body found outside Mariupol
11.09 09:51
Grenade explodes in Odesa at night. Photos
08.09 14:31
SBU holds ATO serviceman over illegal weapons possession in Kyiv
07.09 15:17
Search for missing servicemen on Crimean border goes on - Lysenko
04.09 19:17
Body of man killed by explosion found in Donetsk region
03.09 18:14
SBU prevents pro-Russian gang from blasting volunteer center in Kyiv. Video
02.09 10:03
Sanitary office warns over high levels of air pollution in Kyiv this week
01.09 14:31
Two cases of polio reported in Zakarpattia region
27.08 15:41
Emergency service officials fail to pinpoint cause of smoke in Kyiv
26.08 15:20
Local commuter train car in flames near Kharkiv
25.08 14:13
Victims of hurricane in Dnipropetrovsk region to receive UAH 400,000
25.08 09:27
Deadly explosion in Donetsk region kills one child, injurs three
20.08 17:05
Police detain about 50 alleged aggressive football fans in Kyiv's downtown
20.08 09:27
No Ukrainians injured in road accident in Romania - Foreign Ministry
19.08 16:52
Foreign Ministry: There are Ukrainians among injured in road accident in Romania
19.08 12:27
Ten teenagers die in accidents on railroad year-to-date - Ukrzalizytsya
19.08 10:11
No Ukrainians among those killed in Bangkok attack - Foreign Ministry
18.08 14:26
Five Russian citizens allegedly involved in international terrorism detained in Kyiv
14.08 15:34
Yatsenyuk urges police to track down forest arsonists
13.08 13:20
SUV with servicemen overturns in Donetsk region: two injured, one killed
11.08 13:12
Romanian Consulate General in Chernivtsi to issue visas to relatives of bus crash victims in Romania
10.08 13:32
Update on deadly bus crash in Romania: nine Ukrainians leave for home
24.07 13:04
One Ukrainian perished in bus crash in Poland remains unidentified
24.07 10:10
Eleven Ukrainians get into accident in Russia, four injured
22.07 13:54
Three Ukrainians die in car crash in Romania - Foreign Ministry
06.07 09:30
SBU detains 14 terrorists, prevents bombings in south
02.07 12:01
Odesa police investigate blast at restaurant "At the Angelovs" as act of terror
30.06 17:50
Recovery mission to MH17 crash site in Donbas over
30.06 09:23
Fire breaks out in Chernobyl exclusion zone
22.06 16:09
Ambulance collides with car in Mariupol - five injured
17.06 10:44
Fire at oil depot near Kyiv completely put out - Emergency Service
16.06 16:59
WHO experts to assess impacts of oil depot fire near Kyiv
16.06 12:37
Dutch experts start new mission at MH17 crash site in Donbas
16.06 09:32
Oil depot near Kyiv still burning
15.06 16:58
Likarchuk reveals detail on record heroin discovery by Odesa customs
15.06 13:57
King of Jordan sent plane to evacuate two wounded Jordanian students from Kharkiv
13.06 11:55
Fire at oil depot near Kyiv completely put out, no threat to Kyiv residents
12.06 17:13
SBU confiscates 500-kg batch of heroin
12.06 13:24
Police detain five suspects after attack on Kharkiv college students
11.06 14:59
Missing college student found dead in Zaporizhzhia
10.06 10:01
Another explosion occurs at burning oil depot near Kyiv
09.06 17:55
Forest fire put out, oil depot fire to be put out in next 24 hours
09.06 17:33
Turchynov: Military arsenal is 50 meters from oil depot blaze
09.06 15:38
No toxic substances in oil depot blaze - Turchynov
09.06 14:47
Fire at oil depot near Kyiv kills one person, injures fourteen. Evacuation starts
09.06 13:59
Emergency Service reports on forest fire near oil depot set ablaze
09.06 12:38
Police starts investigation into fire at fuel depot near Kyiv
09.06 11:38
Six firemen hospitalized from fuel depot blazing near Kyiv
08.06 09:10
Police: One of the victims dies in mine blast of coast guard cutter in Mariupol
28.05 15:38
Ukrainian man attempted to bring undeclared $760,000 from Russia into Ukraine
27.05 15:41
Gunmen kill three people in Horlivka
27.05 12:13
Lyubotyn shooter served in Afghanistan and Chechnya wars
27.05 10:48
Stormy weather leaves 167 towns and villages without power supply
26.05 16:49
Shooter from Lyubotyn demanded to contact rebel Zakharchenko - police
26.05 11:48
Another pipeline damaged in Luhansk region
20.05 18:35
A man takes two hostage in Odesa, then exchanges them for police deputy chief
20.05 12:22
Passenger bus crash kills three, injures 11 in Vinnytsia region Tuesday
19.05 17:52
Foreign Ministry still searching for seven Ukrainians in Nepal
18.05 17:35
Blast ruins rail track. Connection to occupied territories in Luhansk region suspended
12.05 09:47
Two explosions reportedly rocked Odesa on Tuesday morning
07.05 09:18
Ukrainian evacuees from Nepal arrive home
06.05 09:29
Plane with evacuated Ukrainians aboard flying from Delhi to Baku
05.05 15:27
One Ukrainian injured in Nepal - Foreign Ministry
05.05 13:55
Police reveal details how they arrested armed suspects in Kyiv
04.05 12:39
Two soldiers killed, three wounded as APC heats landmine
02.05 13:53
Ukrainians planned to be evacuated from Nepal tomorrow
02.05 12:22
Fire near Chernobyl NPP completely put out
30.04 16:00
Eighty-six Ukrainians ready to be evacuated from Nepal
30.04 14:00
Experts complete search mission at MH17 crash site - source
29.04 17:00
Russian rescuers evacuate eleven Ukrainians from Nepal - Foreign Ministry
29.04 15:24
7 mln allocated to evacuate Ukrainians from Nepal
29.04 12:59
Five Ukrainians evacuated from Nepal to Poland
29.04 09:25
Fire in Chernobyl zone put out - Emergency Service
27.04 11:01
No contact with 83 Ukrainians in quake-hit Nepal - Foreign Ministry
24.04 14:40
Netherlands to complete identification of MH17 crash victims before July
23.04 14:05
More remains and aircraft wreckage found at MH17 crash site
22.04 15:31
Former Odesa police chief Fuchedzhi suspected guilty of May 2 events
22.04 14:02
May 2 massacre in Odesa provoked by random arson
17.04 12:00
More human remains found at MH17 crash site
16.04 13:26
Deadly crash in Poland claims lives of four Ukrainians
16.04 09:51
Ex-Regions Party MP Kalashnikov killed in Kyiv- media
16.04 09:15
'LPR minister' keeps millions on accounts of Ukrainian bank
14.04 12:41
SBU detains group of eleven saboteurs
14.04 10:15
Gusty winds disrupt electricity in 300 villages and towns
10.04 16:31
Forty saboteurs detained in Odesa within anti-terrorist operation
09.04 13:54
SBU detains subversive group in Odesa
08.04 10:12
Casualties reported as a result of shootout in Odesa hospital at night
06.04 17:40
Four servicemen killed near town of Shchastya to be buried with military honors - regional military commander
03.04 16:03
One Ukrainian killed as Russian trawler sinks
02.04 11:01
Russian trawler sinks, four Ukrainians on board
01.04 16:50
Odesa Police reportedly detain seven alleged terrorists involved in majority of notorious downtown blasts - media
31.03 13:40
Kyiv court arrests downtown shooters. They might face for life imprisonment
31.03 11:52
Moving train explodes in Kharkiv

Latest news

Chernihiv region patient diagnosed with relapse of tropical malaria

Chernihiv region patient diagnosed with relapse of tropical malaria
30.09 18:44

KYIV, September 30 / Ukrinform./ A Chernihiv region resident was hospitalized with the diagnosis of relapse of tropical malaria.

EBRD to lend Ukraine $300 million for gas

EBRD to lend Ukraine $300 million for gas
30.09 18:34

EBRD will allocate Ukraine $300 million for gas.

Landline telephone service becomes more expensive October 1 in Ukraine

Landline telephone service becomes more expensive October 1 in Ukraine
30.09 18:25

KYIV, September 30 / Ukrinform./ Ukrainian customers face a 17.5 percent hike in their landline telephone service bill effective from October 1.

CEC registers 116 international observers

CEC registers 116 international observers
30.09 18:18

The Central Electoral Commission has already registered116 international election observers.

Naftogaz ceases to be natural gas monopolist on October 1

Naftogaz ceases to be natural gas monopolist on October 1
30.09 18:12

KYIV, September 30 / Ukrinform./ Effective from October 1, 2015 new law on natural gas market comes into force which provides for Naftogaz of Ukraine to lose its monopoly status on suppling and salling of natural gas.

Aeroflot owes Ukraine UAH 250 million for illegal flights to Crimea - Justice Ministry

Aeroflot owes Ukraine UAH 250 million for illegal flights to Crimea - Justice Ministry
30.09 17:09

KYIV, September 30 / Ukrinform./ At the end of 2014 Russian Aeroflot was obliged to pay UAH 250 million for unlawful flights to the occupied Crimea.