Odesa police look for subversive bombers


KYIV, September 28 / Ukrinform./ Because of an explosion outside the SBU building in Odesa last Sunday, the police began the plan of "Interception".

Department of Public Relations of the Odesa region police told Ukrinform.

Law-enforcement officers, including the traffic police, were posted on duty at highways outside the city of Odessa. They checked vehicles and stopped primarily drivers of light imported cars - one of the subversive bombers reportedly fled the scene at the intersection of Yevreiska and katerynynska streets in the downtown last Sunday morning.

Patrol police protected the stores where the blast shattered glass windows.

One of the residents of the house adjacent to the SBU building told reporters: "The explosion shattered plastic window frames, windows, and doors. But the most interesting thing is that we there were two policemen posted here for many years on duty. And in the last two days there was nobody. Even our janitor noted the fact ... "

As previously reported, a powerful blast went off at 4.11 outside the Odesa SBU building last Sunday. Police investigate the blast as an act of terrorist attack. The explosive device without outer shell the experts estimate to have weighed from five to six kilograms of TNT. No casualties have been reported.


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