Government plans to have $1.3 billion in surplus during heating season


KYIV, September 30 / Ukrinform./ Ukrainian government plans to collect about $1.3 billion in preparation for the heating season.

Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk told offcials at a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, Ukrinform reports.

"For preparation to live through the heating season, we will obtain about $1.3 billion. Of which $500 million have already been transferred to Naftogaz accounts, another $300 million more, I hope, will be provided by the EBRD, and another $500 million we are awaiting from the World Bank," said Yatsenyuk.

Today, on September 30 the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development will decide on the possibility for giving Ukraine a $ 300 million for purchasing of natural gas. In addition, Naftogaz has already received $ 500 million from the European Union to purchase natural gas from Russian Gazprom.


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